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Magecon - societate specializata in constructii civile si industriale, hidrotehnice, pentru imbunatatiri funciare, constructii metalice, drumuri si poduri, alimentari cu apa si canalizari, instalatii sanitare si termice.

About us

   We have the honourable pleasure to submit to your attention some valuable information regarding SRL Magecon Commercial society ,with integrate private capital,information that can be the source of offers,agreements,associations or contracts.

   The SRL Magecon CS Society,registered with J40/3490/1998 at the Registry of Commerce, is located in Bucharest, 17 Botorani Alley,V50 Bl.,Ap.17,sector 5.

   The society helds its full Romanian legal personality.Its legal form is that of limited responsibility society,in accordance with the 31/1997 Law,as it was republished.The variety of products and offered services is represented by the mainstream strategy of our society.Having this goal,SC Magecon SRL has recruited and trained the specialized labour force in order to achieve great projects for the internal or external beneficiaries.

   Being a society in full development,SC Magecon SRL wishes to make known its possibilities regarding the cooperation within projects with other companies that activate in the same area.

   Our society accomplishes all necessary conditions in order to closing contracts with foreign companies.Our company can also deliver the future partners all info regarding the financial situation,as well as other information on request.

   Please keep in mind that SC Magecon SRL wishes its proposals to be the perfect appliance for your desires.